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Friday, June 23, 2006 

Currently Playing (May-June 2006)

Since it's been well over a month since any of us last listed what games we've been playing during our down times, djkibblesnbits is going to kick off the section this time around with his gaming month.


That's what I said to myself the second I had the opportunity to finally sit down and relax after a long year of school, work, and hardcore partying. With all this wonderful downtime (courtesy of a little thing called, "graduation"), I finally had the opportunity to kick back and catch up on many of the games that I've missed out on during the past few months (and in some cases, years):

1) Condemned: Criminal Origins (Xbox 360): I started this game during finals time, and I finally had the opportunity to actually finish it off. The verdict? It's a pretty entertaining game. There are definitely points in this game where it'll catch you off guard, and, if you're anything like me, you might even scream like a little girl. (And then look around real quick to see if anyone heard you.) My review of the game is coming up real soon, so stay tuned.

2) Call of Duty 2 (Xbox 360): After spending a good amount of time playing this game and eventually completing it, it must be said that Infinity Ward (the original creators of the CoD series) certainly knows how to make a WWII game. There are many parts in the game where the action is so intense and realistic, that your real-life adrenaline kicks in as you rush to complete the level! Now how's that for realism!?

3) Fable: The Lost Chapters: (Xbox) One day, a little over a year ago, I walked into my local EB and bought Fable for about $2, and then threw it into my game collection, never to be seen again... that is, until now. Last week, I decided to give the title a chance, and I must say that I wasn't disappointed. Fable is a great RPG, one of the few games in the genre available for the original Xbox. The only bad part? The game was way too short, especially considering that it was an "RPG." I was completely done with the game in 20 hours. When the average RPG usually takes close to about 80 hours to complete, this game seemed like it fell far short of what RPG fans are used to. However short it was, however, it was great while it lasted. AND, I got to bag Lady Grey!!!!!

4) Brain Training: Train Your Brain Minutes a Day (Nintendo DS): Does anyone remember those awwful educational games that video game companies created over a decade ago when games were first being discriminated against by overzealous and ignorant politicians intent on ridding America of such "satanic and perverse creations?" While the politics haven't changed much since then, game companies certainly have learned since that time period; stay away from educational games. Except, someone forgot to tell Nintendo. Brain Training, the innovative title for the Nintendo DS handheld, is a title that makes educational gaming legitimately fun. Who knew that solving math problems and reading passages aloud could be so entertaining?

5) New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo DS): I love old-school Mario. I especially love old-school Mario on a new-school system. NSMB is a whole new 2-D Mario game that captures the simplistic classic gameplay of the original Super Mario Bros for the NES. I've beat the whole game already, but still need to get to the hidden Level 7 in order to completely finish it off.

So, now that I've got my list out there, what are you guys playing? Drop us a line or two!