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Tuesday, June 20, 2006 

T.B.P.G. (Too Busy Playing Games)

"Man, you guys at PSTP are complete assholes. You tell us that you're going to be around, then you go and disappear, and then you tease us with some old news about E3, and then you go hide AGAIN!!! Fuc (sic) you guys!!!"

When you've pissed off 12-year olds, you know you're in for a shitstorm of utter... uh... shit.

(Sorry. It actually wasn't a 12-year old. We don't know how old the person is, but we'd like to think it was a 12-year old.)

Yes, we know we've been bad and we haven't been updating as much as we want, but there's a good damn reason for it all, and it has nothing to do with silly things like "finals", "work", and "shopping."

We've been.... GAMING!!! Yes, the reason why we haven't been updating this blog dedicated to the wonderful world of videogaming is because we have been fine-tuning our craft, catching up on some new (and not so new titles). And these games have been so entertaining, that we've actually been glued to our respective gaming systems.

Personally, I haven't gone on a gaming binge like this since God knows when. And I don't feel guilty for doing it at all. So what if I'm neglecting things like friends and the summer weather? I've earned this free time, damnit! I graduated college, biatch!

Phew. Okay, now that I got all that out of my system, I'm sure you'd like to know what we've been playing. We'll be updating the site with regular updates about some of the games, including reviews of recently released titles, like "New Super Mario Bros" and "Brain Training" for the DS, "Condemned: Criminal Origins" for the Xbox 360. And, because we love reliving our youth, we also have some wonderful "Classic Gaming" features coming up.

So, we're back. Stay tuned, and remember, when life has you down, just Press Start to Play. (Man, that was f-ing corny...)