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Wednesday, July 19, 2006 

15 Years of "Final Fantasy IV"

There are few gaming franchises out there that get fanboys' blood pumping more than Square-Enix's "Final Fantasy" series. It seems as if the second someone mentions "Final Fantasy", the fanboys come out in droves and begin to engage in heated debates over which game was their favorite, which characters kicked more ass, and whether or not FF VII ruined the franchise forever.

Well, today just so happens to be the 15th year anniversary of the one Final Fantasy title that established the gold standard for all other subsequent sequels: Final Fantasy IV. People can talk all they want to about how the first three Final Fantasies rocked, but let's be honest with each other here; until FF IV came out, Final Fantasy was Phantasy Star's bitch. For an entire generation of American gamers, FF IV (released as "Final Fantasy II" in the US) was the one game responsible for popping a lot of people's RPG cherries, and became one of the first games in American history to be gripping enough to get people to call out sick from work/school just to play it.

Jeremy Parish, over at Toastyfrog, pays proper homage to the occasion with a blog entry dedicated to the RPG classic. Make sure you check it out right here

So, Happy Birthday, Final Fantasy IV! You're still pretty damn awesome, 15 years later.

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