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Thursday, July 13, 2006 

"Prey"-ing on Live

For you 360 owners looking for something to do on Live during this rather slow gaming summer, check out some of the more recent uploads on Live, courtesy of the folks at Microsoft.

1) "Prey": It took about 10 years for 3D Realms to release this FPS, but they finally did it (unlike their other, yet to be released project, "Duke Nukem Forever," ahem...). This demo is friggin huge at over 1 GB, but it'll definitely entertain you for about 45 minutes. I haven't played the full version yet (since, after all, it did only come out this week), but if the free demo is any indication of the actual game, it looks like it's going to be good fun for those looking to tear through yet another FPS to pass the time. Disgusting-looking levels and weapons? Check. Defying the rules of gravity? Check. Savage aliens? Check. Native-American folklore? Check. And funny ass commentary, courtesy of main hero? Check, check, check. So, at least go and download this bad boy, see what it's like, and then go frag some biznatches in the demo's multiplayer mode. (It's already in the top-10 Live multiplayer list according to Microsoft, and that's just the demo!

2) "Frogger": We've been waiting for Microsoft to release more titles on Xbox Live Arcade (where's Street Fighter?!), and all we get is friggin' Frogger. WTF?! I'm sorry, but seriously, this is one of those titles, that while, yes, it's a classic, it's been whored out way too much. I don't see the need to waste five dollars to buy a game that's worth 2 cents in this day and age. Definitely nothing to get too excited about. On the bright side, M$ is expected to release another Arcade title every Wednesday for the next five weeks or so, including Street Fighter II on August 2nd...let's see if they stick to that release schedule.

3) "NCAA Football 2007" Yawn. Yet another EA sports title release, except this time, we're getting college football for the first time on the 360. As of now, I don't see it on Live yet, but it's supposed to be on there any minute now.

If none of these tickle your fancy, well, you could always pop in Crack, er, I mean, Oblivion...