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Thursday, July 13, 2006 

Microsoft: Host a Party in Your Pantalones! (Or at least your house)

I was running through Microsoft's Xbox website, when I ran into a link that led to an announcement for "Xbox Live Arcade Party-in-a-Box." According to the page, Microsoft is giving away (while supplies last) a free Papa John's pizza, 1000 MIcrosoft Points, and a code for a free music download for those looking to host a "Wednesday Night Arcade" party. This promotion is running alongside M$'s push to release five titles over a five week span on Arcade.

Sorry, I know it says "Party-in-a-Box," but there's no liquor involved. And no more than one pizza pie, either.

All they ask in return? Take pictures and be a corporate whore for an evening.

Sound good to you? Well, drop them a line and let 'em know you want to host a party!

Party-in-a-Box website